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Weimer offers you forest trailers designed and manufactured in the small village, Råskog, in south Sweden. Here is a long tradition of this production. Our corporate philosophy is to deliver the highest quality, performance and safety. We want to offer this to the best prices. We also produce cranes and winches and sell hydraulic components from carefully selected suppliers. Welcome to us for doing good business for the future!


In 2014, we introduced the fourth generation of trailers, 4G, with improved quality and advanced functionality. Forest trailers are available in sizes 5-12 tons and have also received an updated color palette that marks the new generation. Our cars are thoroughly tested for Nordic conditions. We have trailers that fit both the professional and the self-active customer.

This is how you can recognize the 4G trailers:

  • A darker red paint on the wagon which, together with the stanchions painted in silver, makes the trailer more visible, especially in darkness
  • Robust construction of the frame steering has given a higher ground clearance
  • Stronger crane attachment

With the introduction of the new forest program, the manufacturing moved back to Sweden after being stationed in Estonia for some years. Weimer Skogsteknik & Hydraulik has exclusive rights to the trademark and products sold under the brand name. It is very important that you contact our head office in south Sweden to get an authentic trailer with associated guarantees. You can also visit weimer.se and weimerforest.com to contact us.

Weimer also offers hydraulic products like pumps, hydraulic systems, valves, motors and filters etc. from carefully selected suppliers. We can offer you good prices.