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We-10:an 4G with We-6700L

Accessories, additional price at purchase of trailer and crane.

Additional price brake front pair of wheels We-5/8/10:an10407 €470  
Additional price hydraulic winch We-1400 M3S12 with radio control10411 €1,176  
Additional price hydraulic winch We-1700 M3S12 with radio10412 €1,225  
Additional price hydraulic winch We-2200 M3S12 with radio control     10413 €1,235  
Additional price valve lifter10415 €147  
 10416 €372  
Additional single brake rotators10417 €78  
Additional price valve 50L D3M 2-level 8 sektion with 4 manuel sections10422 €196  
Additional price valve 50L D3M 8 sections with XYZ +2 manuel sections10424 €284  
Additional price valve 50L D3M 2-level 8 sections with 2 on/off 12V10426 €608  
Additional price servo-hydraulic valve 50L D3M 8 sections with 4 on/off 12V10428 €1,882  
Additional price Otto joystick 6 el-prop and valve EX38 8 sections10438 €4,116  
Additional price Backlight LED10450 €196  
Additional price work lights, diode with house10451 €314  
Additional folding support legs10455 €588  
Additional price drive 4WD D2 with valve and controls10461 €4,116  
Additions price hydraulic system 38cc pump with tank assembled and ready10482 €1,254